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Manta Technologies: Your Resource for IBM i Training

Manta offers a complete library of courses for programmers, operators, system administrators, and users of the IBM i operating system, which runs on IBM Power Systems.

All of our courses are web based and run in all popular browsers.

Special Introductory Price: Free!

A typical Manta course consists of six to eight sessions, each 15 to 20 minutes long. From this web site, you can drill down to the catalog description of any of our 130 courses and take the first session for free. These are not the "bait-and-switch" demos provided by some vendors, but the actual training provided by MantaNow!, our Internet delivery system. In all, approximately 40 hours of training are available for free, out of the hundreds of hours available via MantaNow!

Directions and suggestions for taking a sample session are available from the Course Options menu.

IBM Navigator for i

Manta's newest releases include the following courses covering IBM Navigator for i, which is also known as the web console:

These courses are available individually or as a set (the IBM Navigator for i series). Like all Manta series, it comes with a Competency Exam for each course and a Student Reference Guide in PDF format.

For people new to IBM i, more appropriate options are available. First, the Using Navigator for i course has been added to Manta's Introduction to the IBM i Environment series. This series, which is the prerequisite to all other Manta courses, covers the IBM i concepts and basic skills required to access an IBM system, whether through the green-screen, text-based interface or the graphical web-console interface.

For new computer operators, Manta's Fundamentals of IBM i Operations has traditionally come next. It covers basic operational tasks performed using the text-based interface (in particular, using basic commands and the menus of the Operational Assistant). Thanks to IBM Navigator for i and Manta, this path is no longer required. New operators can jump immediately to the web console by taking the Introduction to the IBM i Environment series followed by Manta's newest series, Fundamentals of Operations Using Navigator for i. This series included the following components:

Using Manta courses and Navigator for i, a new operator can now become productive within a week. Training on commands and text-based menus can be postponed until they are needed for more advanced administration tasks.

For more information, follow the links on this page to see detailed course descriptions. Sample sessions are also available.

Free-Form RPG Training for New Programmers

The ability to perform IBM i tasks in multiple ways affects not only operators. For several years now, application programmers could continue to write RPG IV programs using the traditional, column-based syntax or switch to the newer, free-form syntax. As you should expect from the world's leading IBM i training company, Manta supports both options and offers a third variant for experienced RPG programmers moving to free-form.

Manta's original series (RPG Programming) was the first from any vendor to cover ILE and the RPG IV programming language. It assumes students know how to program. For example, they know what a table is and the logic to process one. This assumption allowed us to concentrate on the language itself, which made it easier to also include in the target audience those RPG III programmers who were moving up to RPG IV. This series has been updated many times since it was released, but the audience has not changed. One result of this is that the course discusses both the fixed-format C specs and the free-form C specs introduced in 2005.

With the introduction of the free-form H, F, D, and P specs in 2014, a need arose for a course designed for the experienced RPG programmer who wanted to learn the differences. This need was filled by the two-hour Manta course called Coding Free-Form RPG.

Today, a growing number of programmers are being hired out of college and assigned to RPG projects. Rather than starting from "here's how we did things in 1980," organizations have learned that such programmers can be productive quickly by starting them on free-form RPG. Manta's seven-course, 18- to 24-hour Free-Form RPG Programming series fits this audience perfectly.

Typical of the feedback we have received is the following comment from Mark, the IT Development Manager at an IBM i shop:

Just wanted to share that we have our 1st success with the RPG Free course. We hired a young guy with C and C## who's willing to learn and within in 45 days is an active RPG programmer and working our backlog !!.
Thanks, Mark. That was exactly our intention when we developed the Free-Form RPG Programming series.

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