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The Working with DB2 Databases series covers DB2 for i, the relational database management system that is part of every IBM i system.

The first course in the series describes basic DB2 concepts. It also looks at the products and tools that are used with a DB2 database, including those used in a distributed database environment.

The next two courses in the series describe how to define, create, and manage the physical and logical files in a DB2 database. The fourth course describes the capabilities of an application that processes files in a DB2 database and, in doing so, takes a detailed look at the OVRDBF, OPNDBF, and OPNQRYF commands.

The last two courses cover two advanced database topics. You will see how to code and use trigger programs and how to implement referential integrity in a DB2 database.

Approximate Study Time for the Entire Series: 13-17 hours


The first course in the series, Introduction to DB2, should be taken by everyone who needs an understanding of relational databases. The remaining courses are for the programmer who will create, maintain, and develop applications that process DB2 databases.


All courses in this series assume that you have a working knowledge of basic IBM i concepts and facilities. You can satisfy this prerequisite by successfully completing the courses in the series Introduction to the IBM i Environment.