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The Introduction to the IBM i Environment series describes the basic skills needed to use an IBM i system. The series describes how to sign on, navigate the IBM i menu structure, enter data, use commands, and perform other common tasks. As you learn the basic skills, you will also learn IBM i concepts. You will learn how to access an IBM i system using both a traditional 5250 workstation and a personal computer.

Approximate Study Time for the Entire Series: 10-16 hours


This series should be taken by anyone who will be using an IBM i system. This audience includes managers, programmers, operators, end users, and other personnel.


While this is an "introductory" series, we do not assume that you are ignorant about computers and information technology. On the contrary, we assume you have experience using a personal computer (PC). You know how to use a keyboard and you understand basic computer concepts. In fact, you may even be a PC guru. By making these assumptions, we can c ompare what you don't know in the IBM i environment with what you have already mastered in the PC world.