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This course covers the operational procedures for starting and stopping an IBM i system. You will learn how to perform both manual (assisted) and automatic (unassisted) IPLs. You will also learn how to tell the system to power itself on and off at specified times.

Approximate Study Time: 90 minutes


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the major events that take place during a system initial program load (IPL) operation
  • Perform an unattended IPL, an attended IPL, a remote IPL, or a timed IPL and describe when each should be used
  • Change IPL options under the direction of your system administrator
  • Power off the system using a system command, the system control panel power switch, or an emergency power switch
  • Restart an active system
  • Define an automatic power on and power off schedule

Topic Outline

The IPL Process

The System Control Panel

Performing an Unattended IPL

Performing an Attended IPL

Shutting Down or Restarting the System

Setting Up an Automatic Power On and Off Schedule


This course should be taken by the person responsible for the physical operation of the computer system. This person may be a dedicated operator, the system administrator, or a designated user.


This course assumes that you can perform basic IBM i operations. You can satisfy this prerequisite by successfully completing the courses from the following Manta series: