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This course shows how to use System i Navigator to perform common IBM i operator tasks.

The course begins by showing you how to submit and managing batch jobs. You will then see how to work with your printer output and the printer output of other users. Next, the course covers managing system users. You will then see how to control job queues and subsystems. The course then describes the System i Navigator facilities for monitoring you system. The course ends by covering the System i Navigator functions for managing tapes and tape drives.

Approximate Study Time: 90 minutes


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Enter a CL command
  • Submit a batch job
  • Display the status of a batch job
  • Hold, release, or cancel a job
  • Change the priority of a job in a job queue
  • Move a job from one job queue to another
  • Display a list of the spooled files currently in the system
  • Examine the contents of a spooled file
  • Hold, release, or delete a spooled file
  • Examine and respond to printer messages
  • Change the attributes of a spooled file
  • Send a spooled file to a user on another system
  • Display a list of all signed-on users
  • Send a message to a single user, a group of users, or all users
  • Sign a user off the system
  • Display a list of the job queues and their status
  • Display the contents of a job queue
  • Hold, release, or clear a job queue
  • Display a list of the subsystems and their status
  • Display a list of the jobs running in a subsystem
  • Display a list of the job queues associated with a subsystem
  • Start and stop a subsystem
  • Displayed detailed information and performance statistics about a job
  • Examine the status of a printer
  • Start and stop a printer
  • Examine the status of hardware devices attached to your system
  • Vary a tape device online or offline
  • Reset a tape device
  • Identify the job that is currently using a tape device
  • Initialize a tape
  • Display tape labels
  • Print the contents of a tape
  • Make a copy of a tape
  • Display a tape device's properties

Topic Outline

Submitting and Managing Batch Jobs

Controlling Printer Output

Controlling System Users

Controlling Job Queues

Controlling Subsystems

Monitoring an IBM i System

Using Tapes


This course should be taken by the person responsible for the physical operation of the computer system. This person may be a dedicated operator or a designated user.


This course assumes that you can perform basic IBM i operations. You can satisfy this prerequisite by successfully completing the Introduction to the IBM i Environment series and the first six courses in this series, Fundamentals of IBM i Operations.