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This course describes Personal Communications 5250 (PC5250), the emulator program that allows your PC to emulate both a 5250 terminal and an IBM i printer.

The course begins by describing the basic services provided by PC5250. You will see how to initiate and terminate a PC5250 session. The course then describes how PC5250 uses keyboard mapping to map PC keys to the special-purpose 5250 keys. You will see how to determine which PC key(s) are mapped to a specified 5250 key and how to modify the default keyboard map. Next, the course describes the various ways in which PC5250 provides mouse support. You will see how to enable the various types of hotspots and how to use and create popup keypads.

The course then describes the more advanced PC5250 features. You will see the various ways in which you can customize your PC5250 environment, how to use PC5250 for printer emulation, how to save changes to your PC5250 session configuration, and how to create and use PC5250 macros.

Approximate Study Time: 3 hours


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Initiate and terminate a PC5250 session
  • Display the 5250 key to which a specified PC key is mapped and the PC key(s) mapped to a specified 5250 key
  • Create and use your own keyboard map
  • Use your mouse to position the text cursor
  • Use PC5250 hotspots
  • Display, use, and define a popup keypad
  • Customize your PC5250 session by modifying the PC5250 tool bar, changing the colors of the PC5250 window, and changing the format of the PC5250 window
  • Start and terminate a PC5250 printer session
  • Move a spooled file from one output queue to another
  • Respond as required to expected printer writer messages
  • Save your PC5250 session configuration in a profile
  • Initiate a PC5250 session using a profile
  • Use the Multiple Session feature to start multiple PC5250 sessions with a single operation
  • Create a PC5250 macro
  • Use the Play tool bar button to execute a macro
  • Assign a PC5250 macro to any of the following:
    • A tool bar button
    • A hotspot
    • A popup keypad button
    • A mouse button
    • A keyboard key

Topic Outline

Introduction to Personal Communications 5250

Displaying and Changing the Keyboard Map

PC5250 Mouse Support

Customizing PC5250

Printer Sessions

Using Profiles

Creating and Using Macros


This course should be taken by anyone who will be using PC5250 for display station and/or printer emulation.


This course assumes you are familiar with both the Windows and IBM i environments. The IBM i-related prerequisites are covered in the Manta series Introduction to the IBM i Environment.

This course also assumes you are familiar with basic System i Access functions and terminology. You can satisfy this prerequisite by successfully completing the first course of this series:

You may also have obtained these skills by taking other courses or through relevant work experience.