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The Remote System Explorer (RSE) is a RDi component that provides a variety of tools for developing and working with programs and source files stored on a remote IBM i system. This course describes how to use these tools.

The course begins with an introduction to RSE, showing you how to define an RSE connection to a remote IBM i system, and how to manage your connection definitions. Next, you will see the ways in which you can work with IBM i objects using the RSE. You will see how to create and manipulate libraries, objects, and source members. The course then introduces you to the Live Parsing Extensible (LPEX) editor. In addition to learning the basic capabilities of this editor, you will see the functions it supports specifically for editing IBM i source members. These capabilities include source language syntax checking, source language help capabilities, and the ability to display the field definitions for a database file. Next, you will see how to compile, bind, and execute programs using the RSE.

The course then shows you how to use command sets to execute CL commands on a remote IBM i system, and how to manage IBM i jobs using the RSE. The course ends by showing how to use the RSE to access and manipulate IFS files and folders.

Approximate Study Time: 3 hours


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Define and manage RSE connections
  • Name and describe the five RSE subsystems
  • Create a filter that defines a list of libraries, objects, or source file members
  • Create a library, an object in a library, or a member in a source physical file
  • Use filters to manage libraries, objects, and source members on a remote IBM i system
  • Use the LPEX editor to create and edit IBM i source members
  • Use RSE facilities to:
    • Compile a source program
    • Compile and bind a source program
    • Bind a module
    • Execute a program
  • Run a command set
  • Create a command set
  • Manage your command sets
  • Work with jobs running on a remote IBM i system
  • Display the job log for an IBM i job
  • Use the RSE to navigate the IFS on a remote IBM i system
  • Open an IFS file
  • Manage IFS files and folders

Topic Outline

Introduction to the RSE

Managing IBM i Objects

Editing Source Members

Compiling, Binding, and Executing Programs

Using Command Sets

Working with IBM i Jobs

Accessing the IFS


This course is intended for programmers who will use RDi for IBM i application development.


This course assumes that you are familiar with the general concepts and capabilities of RDi. This prerequisite can be satisfied by completing the first course in this series, Introduction to RDi. The course also assumes that you have an understanding of basic IBM i program development concepts and facilities. This prerequisite can be satisfied by completing The IBM i Programming Environment series. You may also have obtained these skills by taking other courses or through relevant work experience.