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This course introduces you to the Java programming language and the Java environment. The course begins with a brief history of Java. You will see the features that make Java unique among programming languages and learn the terms that are unique to the Java environment. The course then gives a detailed description of the Java Development Kit (SDK). It describes how to download Sun's SDK and shows how to use several of the tools that the kit provides. You will see how to compile a Java program, execute a class, and create a jar file.

Next, the course describes IBM i's support for Java. You will see the various ways to create a Java source file in an IBM i directory. The course then describes how to start Qshell, the alternative IBM i command interpreter designed to accept and process Java commands. It also covers two IBM i Java extensions. You will learn how to use CL commands that work with Java programs. You will also learn about the IBM Toolbox for Java, a collection of classes to assist you in writing Java programs that access IBM i resources.

Approximate Study Time: 2 hours


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the differences between Java and other programming languages
  • Give a brief history of Java
  • Use and define common Java terms
  • Name and describe the major features of Java
  • Compile a Java program
  • Execute a Java program
  • Create a jar file
  • Use the EDTF command to create a Java source program in an IFS directory
  • Start the Qshell command interpreter
  • Use Java Platform, SE tools on an IBM i system
  • Execute a class using a CL command
  • Describe the contents of the IBM Toolbox for Java

Topic Outline

What is Java?

The Java Development Kit

Java and IBM i


This course is intended for IBM i programmers new to the Java programming language. It is also appropriate for anyone wanting a basic introduction to Java.


This course assumes that you are familiar with computer programming concepts. In order to satisfy this prerequisite, you should have some experience with another programming language.

This course also assumes that you have a working knowledge of basic IBM i concepts and facilities. You can satisfy this prerequisite by successfully completing the courses in the following series: