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Manta Technologies: Your Resource for IBM i Training

Manta offers a complete library of courses for programmers, operators, system administrators, and users of the IBM i operating system, which runs on IBM Power Systems.

All of our courses are web based and run in all popular browsers.

Special Introductory Price: Free!

A typical Manta course consists of six to eight sessions, each 15 to 20 minutes long. From this web site, you can drill down to the catalog description of any of our 130 courses and take the first session for free. These are not the "bait-and-switch" demos provided by some vendors, but the actual training provided by MantaNow!, our Internet delivery system. In all, approximately 40 hours of training are available for free, out of the hundreds of hours available via MantaNow!

Directions and suggestions for taking a sample session are available from the Course Options menu.

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New Courses

The following products were released in 2016.

Coding Free-Form RPG is a "differences" course that is designed for experienced RPG programmers who wish to learn how to code free-form H, F, D, and P specs.

Free-Form RPG Programming is a seven-course series that is similar to Manta's existing RPG Programming series, but is intended for entry-level students who need to learn only the free-form version of ILE RPG. The series contains the following courses:Coding SQL Statements in a Free-Form RPG Program. This course has been be added to our popular Using Structured Query Language (SQL) series.