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Manta Technologies: Your Resource for IBM i Training

Manta offers a complete library of courses for programmers, operators, system administrators, and users of the IBM i operating system, which runs on IBM Power Systems.

All of our courses are web based and run in all popular browsers.

Build Your Own Combo Pack!

Regular visitors to this site know that Manta offers a different combination pack on sale every month. For August, we are trying something new that was suggested by several customers. Until August 31, you can build you own combination package by selecting any number and combination of series and stand-alone courses. We'll take 20% off the total.

Why Manta? Because you need skills, not talking points.

One of our pet peeves are books that read more like reference manuals that training products. If you take Manta's RPG Programming series, for example, we assume that your goal is to learn how to write an RPG program. You don't particularly care about the history of RPG, and it's not likely that your future job will require that you answer multiple-choice questions about built-in functions or subfiles.

At Manta, we design every course by first looking at the tasks that the student will need to perform on the job. You'll see objectives that begin with "Code a program to..." or "Enter the command to..." These are tested in exams that require the student to demonstrate the same skills they will use on the job. Why settle for less than the best?

Check us out. This site includes our complete catalog, as well as a sample session from each of our 120 courses and exams. You'll like what you see.

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From the President

Last month, I wrote about how the IBM i community seems to be dividing into two different groups:

  • Active IBM i customers, who have current hardware maintenance agreements, keep their software up to date, and who are busily modernizing their own software to improve their customer's online experience
  • Inactive IBM i customers, who are sucking every last ounce of value out of their existing hardware and software investments
As I mentioned, the big question is whether the inactive customers are committed to the IBM i platform and plan to move to a cloud-based solution when their current hardware is no longer serviceable. Or, are they already moving all new applications to other platforms and are keeping the IBM i system around only because it still runs payroll? Nobody knows, including — I imagine — many of the organizations in this category. By their very nature, they aren't talking to many vendors and they do not participate in conferences or polls.

Manta has both types of organizations among its customers, and we do see two distinct buying patterns. Fortunately, Manta's products and pricing structure appeal to both groups.

A core group of Manta customers has been with us since 1999, when we first introduced our library maintenance plan. For a small annual fee, the plan allowed customers to receive regular updates of their Manta CDs. Today, with all of our courses online, all customers receive free updates and new courses as long as they renew their annual licenses. These customers generally license the entire Manta IBM i Training Library. They tend to be large shops with active, in-house development organizations. They want training available on all IBM i topics. They also want it immediately whenever they hire a new IT professional or start a new project.

The second group is more event-driven. They come to Manta when they have a specific training need. A key employee may be ready to retire, for example, and his replacement needs to be brought up to speed. In general, the organizations in this group will license only those courses needed by one individual or a small group. They get the minimal one-year, one-user license and let it expire as soon as possible. It is extremely gratifying to us that many of the companies in this group return to Manta over and over again. We might not hear from them for a year or two, but when they need training, Manta is their first choice.

Whichever group your organization is in, give us a call (800-406-2682) when you decide to invest in quality training. You can also e-mail We can help you devise a plan to minimize your costs while ensure that everyone acquires the skills they need to do their jobs.

Keep learning,


William A. Hansen, Ph.D.