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Manta Technologies: Your Resource for IBM i Training

Manta offers a complete library of courses for programmers, operators, system administrators, and users of the IBM i operating system, which runs on IBM Power Systems.

All of our courses are web based and run in all popular browsers.

Build Your Own Combo Pack

Regular visitors to this site know that Manta offers a different combination pack on sale every month. For March, we are trying something new that was suggested by several customers. Until March 31, you can build you own combination package by selecting any number and combination of series and stand-alone courses. We'll take 20% off the total.

Why Manta? Because you need training now!

Have you ever hired a new IBM i operator, only to learn that the next available class is four months away? Have you waited four months, only to have a class canceled at the last minute?

Such problems don't exist with online training from Manta. You can browse through our course catalog, pick the topic you need, and begin training the same day. From basic operations to setting up a new server, we have the course you need. Train today and do the job tomorrow.

Check us out. This site includes our complete catalog, as well as a sample session from each of our 120 courses and exams. You'll like what you see.

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From the President

One of my favorite comedy monologues belongs to the late George Carlin, who made fun of the satisfaction we all get from being able to say, "I may be poor, or dumb, or unlucky. But at least I'm better off than that guy!" Because there is a finite number of people on Earth, there has to be some poor soul at the end of the line. George wondered what it would be like to be him, with no one left to feel superior to.

I often think of this routine when I talk to customers who believe that their IBM i shop is that guy on the bottom. Perhaps it's the constant bombardment of new technologies we read about in the technical publications. Attend a conference and you'll hear what "modern" shops (that is, all shops other that yours) are doing to update their applications. Or, talk to a software sales rep to learn how your problems will disappear if only you buy the right tools. Whatever the cause, many people are convinced that their shop must be the worst, most out-of-date installation on the planet.

I went through this self doubt in 2001, when I saw mainframe and Windows training vendors move their products to the web. We researched the options, developed a plan, and implemented a Java-based solution that let us make our entire catalog available to students worldwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I wrote the front-end code, while an amazing consultant (thank you, Don Denoncourt) did the Java programming and server setup.

Once the project was complete, I wrote an eight-course series (eBusiness for IBM i Programmers) to teach others how to do the same. At the time, I thought I was simply pulling Manta up to the level of its peers in other training marketplaces. Looking back at this project now, I realize that we were years ahead of our time. In 2015 terminology, we invented our own cloud-based training solution utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, SQL, Java, and Java server pages (JSPs). The finished application is portable and scalable, able to run on any Windows, Linux, AIX, or IBM i machine that supports a Tomcat-compatible server.

I now remind customers that most shops are neither living on the "bleeding edge" nor years behind the crowd. Instead, they reside somewhere in the middle of the continuum. That is no excuse for complacency, however, because the pack is moving forward. As an IBM i professional, that means you should inventory your skills and figure out what you can do to move in the right direction. In almost all cases, that first step begins with getting the education you need to evaluate your options and develop a plan. Whether your are interested in improving your own skill set or bringing others along with you, Manta is here to help.

If you have any questions, give me a call at (800) 406-2682 x101. Or, e-mail us at

Keep learning,


William A. Hansen, Ph.D.