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Manta Technologies: Your Resource for IBM i Training

Manta offers a complete library of courses for programmers, operators, system administrators, and users of the IBM i operating system, which runs on IBM Power Systems.

All of our courses are web based and run in all popular browsers.

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Our combination pack feature for May is the System Administration and Operations Super Combination Pack. Get the complete set of 55 courses and exams at 25% off until May 31.

Why Manta? Because everyone has different training needs.

Manta offers so many courses on IBM i topics that new customers often ask for help in deciding where to begin.

If you are not yet a customer, you should visit our online Curriculum Planner. It provides recommended curriculum paths for operators, programmers, managers, end users, and system administrators. For customers, these recommendations are available as menu templates that you can use as is or as starting points for your own customized menus. Using the free Student Administration facility, you can create custom menus for individuals or for audience groups such as your RPG programmers.

Check us out. This site includes our complete catalog, as well as a sample session from each of our 123 courses and exams. You'll like what you see.

Free-Form RPG Programming Status

Fundamentals of Free-Form RPG and File Processing with Free-Form RPG are now available. These are the first two of seven courses in the new Free-Form RPG Programming series, which is intended for students new to RPG.

People who already know RPG should take the Coding Free-Form RPG course to learn the differences with the free-form format.

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President's Letter

The world is catching up to me. A suggestion that I made 38 years ago is finally being implemented throughout our industry. In 1978, I was the product manager for operating system courses at Deltak, Inc., one of the first companies to offer video-based, self-study courses to IBM customers. Back then, "operating system" meant MVS, DOS/VSE, and VM. We were also trying to get our heads around the new fangled System/38.

I was responsible for designing and developing our curricula for computer operators and system programmers, whom we now call system administrators. At the time, these jobs were at opposite ends of the data processing spectrum. ("IT" was not yet coined. Our customer was the "DP" department.) The only thing that operators and system administrators had in common was that they saw their jobs as maximizing the overall throughput of the system. As a result, they had a common enemy, that programmer who felt that his compiles and tests were the most important jobs in the system.

In my first article for a national magazine (Datamation), I recommended that organizations implement a career path that would allow the best operators to progress to system administration positions. As far as I know, not a single company implemented my suggestion. Not knowing any better, I kept writing, and by 1980 my articles describing what operators should know became the ACM recommendations for a two-year computer operations curriculum.

Today, the wall between operations and system administration has fallen. In many organizations, the title of "computer operator" has been replaced with "junior system administrator" or even "system administrator," allowing the traditional administration tasks to be performed by a "senior system administrator." The line between the jobs has become blurred, with many organizations assigning tasks based on the skill levels of the participants rather than on any formal demarcation of duties.

Manta's curricula reflects this reality. Our operations/administration courses start with basic IBM i concepts and work management. They progress through backup and recovery, security, job scheduling, system maintenance, networking, fix management, and performance tuning. Where do you draw the line? It's up to you. During May, the 55-course System Administration and Operations Super Combination Pack is on sale at 25% off.

If you have any questions, please call me at (800) 406-2682 x101 or e-mail me using our
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Keep learning,


William A. Hansen, Ph.D.