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From the President

I just returned from the COMMON Annual Meeting and, as always, it was an invigorating experience. It's always great to catch up with old friends, learn new skills, and hear what changes IBM has in store for us. I always come home with a "To-Do" list as long as my arm and a list of potential courses to be added to our "Product Opportunity" list.

My euphoria usually lasts for a day or so, until I'm hit with reality. This year, my bubble burst before leaving to attend the conference. I learned that IBM finally got around to changing the name of Query for i5/OS to Query for i. This has been a sore spot ever since a customer told me that the Manta library must be out of date because we still had "i5/OS" in one title. I made sure to educate him. We at Manta have always prided ourselves in having the most current collection of courses in the industry. Moreover, we were the first to develop courses on many new topics, including RPG IV, ILE, IFS, WDSc, etc., etc. etc. While IBM changed "i5/OS" to "IBM i" at V5R4, the name "Query for i5/OS" survived past IBM i 6.1. I do not know whether it got changed at 7.1, 7.2, or during a technical refresh, since there was no press release saying that IBM caught up after 7 years.

My experience is that IBM rolls out a new name in a five-step process. The name first appears in marketing literature. The new name is then picked up by the people who build the installation packages, so it can quickly appear in the list of installed products. It may then take a couple years for the name to appear in the product itself. Built-in help facilities are updated next, although this is generally where you can still find every name that has ever been used for a product. The reference manuals are updated last. Eventually, customers start using the new name.

In the case of Query for i, the marketing literature and the installation package are now in sync. Whoever updated the program itself for V5R3 was pretty smart, since it uses "Query" rather than the longer forms. Unfortunately, the most current manual was done at 6.1 and uses "Query for i5/OS." Even worse, every user I've talked to still calls the product "Query/400."

So what should I call the IBM product in the Manta course which covers it? Although I should not consider this, we spent a lot during the last upgrade to redo the figures and add audio — both of which use "Query for i5/OS." I am also unaware of any actual changes to the product itself for 20 years or more, when IBM started telling everyone to switch to the more capable Query Manager program that is shipped in the same package.

As has often been the case when faced with a decision like this, I think "WWIBMD." What would IBM do? I changed the marketing materials and added an introduction to the course that repeats much of what I said above. I have to believe that you would rather see us produce a new course than update the Query/400 course one more time.

Keep learning,


William A. Hansen, Ph.D.