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Manta Technologies: Your Resource for IBM i Training

Manta offers a complete library of courses for programmers, operators, system administrators, and users of the IBM i operating system, which runs on IBM Power Systems.

All of our courses are web based and run in all popular browsers.

Save 25% on the System Administration and Operations Super Combination Pack!

Regular visitors to this site know that Manta offers a different combination pack on sale every month. Our combination pack feature for October is the System Administration and Operations Super Combination Pack. Get our complete set of 55 operations and administration courses and exams at 25% off. The sale ends October 31.

Why Manta? Because time is money.

When you compare topic to topic, one look at our web site should convince you that IBM i training from Manta is cheaper than that from any other source. You may not know that we can also save you time.

It's a well documented fact that computer-based training (CBT) typically takes students half the time as a lecture-based class covering the same objectives. Manta's experience agrees with this 2:1 ratio. How is this possible? First, traditional classes have tons of down time, from extended breaks to unprepared students who slow the class to their speed. With CBT, each student proceeds at his or her own pace. You can skip what you already know and take as much time as you need for the material you find difficult. With substantially more exercises and practice sessions, good CBT reinforces learning and helps the student determine where more work is needed.

Check us out. This site includes our complete catalog, as well as a sample session from each of our 120 courses and exams. You'll like what you see.

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From the President

After 21 years in business, we at Manta have a good idea about what questions a potential customer might ask. Because we specialize in self-study education, we consider it a special obligation to make sure that the answers to those questions are readily available on our web site. We've also learned that the best answer is always, "It works just like you'd want it to."

Perhaps my best example is our pricing policies. Over the years, we've gotten rid of all optional up-charges. Student Reference Guides are free, Competency Exams are free, and our complete Student Administration suite is free. And we did not raise prices when we made these decisions.

Our base price is $120 to license one course for one year. That has not changed since 2001. Every other price is computed from that.
  • For a series of courses, like RPG Programming, we multiply $120 by the number of courses in the series without the Competency Exam and take off 10%.
  • For a combo pack, we add up the component prices and take off an additional 10%.
  • For the complete library, our target is the best set of combo-pack prices to get everything, with an additional 25% off the top. For as long as I remember, we've also rounded down by $500 or so to keep the library price consistent from year to year, even though we are always adding courses.
For every product, you can go from a single-user license to a five-user license for only 50% more. After that, each user adds 10%. And, of course, by "user" we mean someone currently signed in. You can create as many user IDs as you wish, even with a single-user license.

At the end of a year, we'll offer you a renewal price that's equal to 50% of the current list price. We figure that most of your students have taken what they need and the overall usage should go down. The renewal price gets cut in half again for the third year. You can save even more by committing to a two- or three-year license from the beginning.

If we update a product, changes are applied to our web site immediately. As a result, active customers get all updates free. This includes new courses that are added to a series or combo pack. Renewal rates after the third year stay at 25% of list price to reflect the work we perform to keep our courses up to date.

Got all that? Probably not. That's why the Manta web site ( includes a price calculator. Select the product you want. You can then play with the number of students and the license term to get the best price for your needs. You will also see any sale prices currently in effect and your projected renewal costs for subsequent years.

If that doesn't answer all of your pricing questions, call me at (800) 406-2682 x101 or fill out our sales inquiry form.

Keep learning,


William A. Hansen, Ph.D.