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Manta Technologies: Your Resource for IBM i Training

Manta offers a complete library of courses for programmers, operators, system administrators, and users of the IBM i operating system, which runs on IBM Power Systems.

All of our courses are web based and run in all popular browsers.

Save 30% on the
IBM i Training Library!

As we have since 1997, Manta is extending its Year-End Sale until January 31. Start the new year by improving your skills and those of your staff. During the sale, you can get the complete IBM i Training Library — including all of our 120 courses and competency exams — at 30% off.

Why Manta? Because you want quality training for less.

This year, Manta celebrates its 21th year in business. During that time, we have trained tens of thousands of IBM i students in over 5000 organizations around the world. What keeps them coming back? We can think of several dozen reasons, which we'll share in this space over the coming months.

One of the major reasons is our low price. A typical company can train its entire IT organization for less than the price of sending a couple operators to a class. And the price is never better than during our year-end sale.

Check us out. This site includes our complete catalog, as well as a sample session from each of our 120 courses and exams. You'll like what you see.

From the President

One of the best things about my job is getting to talk to our customers and business partners around the world. They don't hesitate to tell me what they love about Manta courses and what improvements they'd like to see in our products. Many of our best ideas came from you, including Student Reference Guides, course tracking and reporting, custom student menus, and more.

Whether or not you are an existing Manta customer, I invite you to join the conversation.

January is the time of year when we all look ahead to the future. At Manta, that involves product planning sessions at which we decide what new courses will be produced and what existing courses will be updated in the coming year. Our decisions are always influenced by what we hear from you. What courses would you like to see us develop? Have you noticed existing courses that no longer meet your needs? Please let me know so that I can better represent you at our next planning session. You can e-mail me (and the development team) at Or, call me directly at (800) 406-2682 x101.

Keep learning,


William A. Hansen, Ph.D.

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